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The Lowest Priced Insurance Is Usually Not The Best


You may not be aware of all the underlying aspects that influence the cost of your insurance coverage. You might question why insurance is so expensive when attempting to compare prices. Prices might vary greatly from one company to another. Why, after all, is insurance so pricey when the person who appears to possess exactly the identical attributes as you spend far less for the same kind of vehicle or residence? This is the kind of thinking we would like you to think about moving away from. We want to offer a different way of thinking about insurance.

  1. Insurance is not a commodity. It is a relationship between you, your agent, and the insurer. The agent can be your partner, helping you understand coverage, price, and services offered.
  2. Insurance coverage can be changed or modified. The job of the agent is to understand your risk and concerns and then offer solutions.

The main reason low-cost insurance may not be correct is that it will almost always offer less coverage, higher deductibles, and offer little or no service.

What Makes Up A High-Value Insurance Program?

  • An insurance policy that will respond to your risks when a loss occurs.
  • The extra services are offered by the insurer at no cost to you.
  • The knowledge and expertise of the agent. The agent is your key to a high-value advantage. 
  • The agent is the one who helps you identify your risks and designs a policy specifically for you. The agent will be there to help you manage a claim and to educate you.
  • Your agent increases your insurance value by helping you understand why the premiums differ

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