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Top Five Costly Workplace Injuries


If an employee is injured on the job, employers are legally liable to the employee. Workers’ compensation will even cover employees who are involved in auto accidents while away from the worksite if the accident occurred while on the job. Workplace accidents happen every day and most could have been prevented.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the National Academy of Social Insurance, workplace accidents cost U.S. employers nearly $62 billion dollars every year, according to the 2016 Liberty Mutual Workplace study. The top five costly causes of loss may surprise you.

Top Five Costly Injuries

  1. Overexertion -- involving lifting, pulling, or carrying an object.
  2. Trip and falls -- Employees tripping over an object or falling downstairs.
  3. Struck by an object or equipment -- These involve an employee being struck and injured by a piece of equipment falling on or near them.
  4. Sprains and Strains -- These motions include bending, crawling, reaching, twisting, climbing, or stepping.
  5. Auto Accidents -- Employees may be the driver or passenger where an accident caused the injury.

Prevention Tips

  • Have a pre-shift stretching program.
  • Teach proper lifting techniques.
  • Make sure equipment is securely attached to the table or shelf.
  • Make sure you have proper ladders and other devices for use.
  • Require all employees to use seat belts.
  • Prohibit use of any mobile device while driving.


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