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Web Meeting Tips

Many businesses are now holding web meetings as part of their everyday business process.  However, for many, this is a somewhat confusing new kind of activity.  We thought it might be beneficial to provide a few tips from our own experience.


Use an inside location that has good lighting for your meeting.  Make sure your face is not blocked in some way.


Dress in a manner that is similar to how you would dress if you were in the office.


Use a simple, clutter-free background to avoid distractions, if possible.  Some web hosting platforms offer backgrounds, but these can give you a computerized look.


Do not use a wide-angle face setting.  Step back from the camera.


Most web users understand muting etiquette, but in large meetings, there is usually at least one person who forgets to hit that mute button and ends up broadcasting a private conversation, or background noise.  What many hosts do not realize is that they have the power to mute these rogue talkers.


Believe it or not, many people opt to do conference calls via their smartphones because the apps tend to be very convenient to use. However, this may not be the best idea.  It is better to use your laptop or desktop computer to make the call, as it allows you to easily take notes and have a stable image—which is nearly impossible if you're holding your phone or trying to balance it on your desk

Other Tips

  • Turn off notifications while in the web meeting
  • Avoid doing other work while in the web meeting
  • Have a good microphone
  • Test everything before the meeting



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